Tango on Youtube

Since the birth of the TangoAustralia website I have learnt a great deal about the culture of tango, tango history and tango music - and one of the sources has been Youtube. I am also a student of history so you can imagine how excited I was to discover film clips of the orchestras such as Juan D'Arienzo's playing such classics as 'El Choclo' and Louis Armstrong singing 'Kiss of Fire' (aka El Choclo) or Edgardo Donato's orchestra playing ''Se Va Las Vida". Now they are gone. Apparently the person who uploaded these gems onto Youtube committed some kind of misdeamenour.
Of course I understand about copyright, but I naievely thought these were safe as I also watch Youtube video clips from the Australian War Memorial and the National Library for other projects...
If anyone knows where one can watch old film clips of these wonderful orchestras, apart of Youtube (where they are no longer) then please let me know


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