Value for your tango money

Interesting to see that, although not many people are voting on the current poll about visiting teachers, a couple of people find that doing courses with visiting teachers is beyond their budget. There are probably more of us now than ever before. There are currently two sets of teachers touring Australia (Fabrizio Forte and Celi Arias; Mario Consiglieri and Anabella Diaz-Hojman) and attending just the milongas where these couples are performing is great value for money. Generally in Australia organisers don't put up the cost of their milongas (or if they do it is only by a very small amount) to cover the cost of having international dancers perform. For $20 one can go to the movies and buy an icecream - for $20 one can go to a milonga in Sydney tonight and watch two outstanding dancers from Argentina perform! and dance with friends. I know what I would prefer to do (though sadly I won't make it tonight because of family commitments).
The memberships of tango clubs are rising - partly because they are becoming better know, but also because they are good value for money. So, if like me you are dancing tango on a budget, look around for good value - it's there. You don't have to hand out big amounts for private classes, or expensive milongas - and there's always Youtube!


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