Australian Tango Championships Judges

The organisers have just announced that the judges will be
Ezequiel Farfaro and Alejandra Gutty.
Some years ago I did workshops with Ezequiel and his then partner Milena Plebs when they were among the masters at the World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires. He has partnered a number of other well-known dancers, including Lucia Mazer, at festivals around the world.
This pair will arrive in Sydney just after we farewell Lucia Mazer who is also here for workshops... There's more on this and other tango happenings around Oz in the Tango Australia News for June - now online


Hey Angelina,

I know you have a poll going, but what do you think about competitions? Do you think they are a worthwhile experience for those who participate?
I have been involved with the competition in Oz and I have mixed feelings... I noticed the standard of tango in Sydney improve remarkably when we held the first Championship and it certainly raised the profile with the general public when we did TV and press. But I have also seen jealousies and pride and some serious unpleasantness - as well as a few broken hearts.

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