Good company, excellent music, enjoyable dancing

To follow on from the last post - last night I had a most enjoyable milonga, as I often do at the Bondi Junction Tango Encanto milonga. The music is excellent - DJ Raul has a great collection of the tango greats, some superb Di Sarli that I have still to add to my library and Alfredo Gobbi as well. He plays three pieces to a tanda, which I applaud as I believe that it gives dancers a chance to change partners more frequently - or to stay together for 6 instead of 8 songs. The company is mostly more experienced dancers and though not everyone knows each other it is not unusual to be asked to dance by a stranger - which happened for me last night and was most enjoyable. And it has a warm friendly ambience - and no chacarera (which is just a personal dislike of mine at milongas, others love it!). And a bonus last night - more men than women!
Of course every milonga has its ups and downs as far as crowds go, but this one is definitely one of my favourites.


Shayne said…
Hi Angelina
Must catch up. Is the location of that Milonga also attractive? Do lots of tango enthusiasts live in the Eastern Suburbs? And is there a different vibe in the east compared to the Inner-West?

Your friend, the non-tango tart
Unknown said…
Chacarrea: What must all things Argentinian revered? Why not a bit of rock-and-roll instead? At least the couple actually dance together.

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