How I could have spent some of the Ozlotto win on tango!

Just like everyone else (bar the two lucky ones) in Oz today life will go on as normal - without the $106 million that was the latest Oz Lotto prize. Of course just like everyone else who had fantasised about winning - i had a few priorities and one of them was tango. I would have bought a venue in Sydney where tango could be danced regularly until the late hours - Melbourne has them why don't we? I would have brought out some great tango musicians to play in the venue ...and I would spent a heap on shoes! and a lot more besides. Had I won even some of the $106 million - I would have had no trouble getting rid of a some of it on tango. I am quite awe-struck at the amount of money that is going into tango in Sydney at the moment - and at the number of people who appear to have no trouble finding the dollars to spend on it. The GFC does not seem to have hit many tango dancers - which is good news for the organisers.

My tango budget is pretty tight and it means that I am often not able to do the workshops with visiting tango teachers or go to the events that I would like to go to... fortunately for the tango scene I seem to be in the minority. Yes I run a milonga once a month - but after I have paid for the venue, other fees (door, tea, coffee etc)and bought new music I am often left with a very small amount to put back into the community. As I pay for my partner as well my tango fees are always double!
We have just had the Tangofest in Sydney where an individual workshop was $50 and some events were as much as $65 - the whole package was $435. We didn't go.
I spoke to one tanguero last night who had spent $130 to enter the Tango Championship only to find his partner opt out! - now he was wondering whether to find another partner (and pay again?) or go to the event - was I buying tickets for the night he asked? Unfortunately not at $63.50 each and sitting at the back was not an option.
Then we have workshops at the moment with popular visiting teacher Lucia Mazer - individual classes $40 - or $250 for the whole package...
and if we hang around after the Tango Championship we can pay up to $245 for the workshops with the judges.
Then there's the TangoSynergy (Sydney's tango club) event in the Blue mountains - a night at the Carrington is not part of the package which makes it the best value tango event of the month - $105 for 3 milongas (one including supper) and a canyengue class is pretty good value.
And even before all this, in the month of May there were visiting teachers offering workshops. So even without going to my usual milongas and occasional class I could easily have spent nearly $1,000 just for me - no partner. Pity about Ozlotto - maybe it's time for dancing in the street....


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