What do you love about tango?

This morning one my sons popped in for a chat - and we talked about what makes you happy (we've had a rotten year - with the loss of 2 members of our family, sickness and financial woes so it seemed appropriate). Then I read Arlene's blog - Why People Leave Tango/Why People Love Tango... and it made me think that we (myself included) gripe about the tango scene, but we hang in there. Why?
I stay because of music - then the dance!; the opportunity to do something with my partner that we both love; the friends I have made and the new ones I hope to make; the chance to get dressed up and wear beautiful shoes....
Why do you love tango?


Arlene said…
Of the hundreds of people that have read that post of mine in the last couple of days, I have had very few responses. Maybe people prefer to moan and grumble.

I fell in love with the music. It touched something deep inside of me. On one hand it reminded me of some music from my childhood and the other was something new and haunting and is not really anything I can explain, but is now something I cannot live without.

Then came the dancing. It was close and elegant. Very simple. It is a time to dress up and look and feel glamorous. The shoes do more than assist in dancing. There is a confidence gained in dancing well. And there are the friends made over the years.

And when I travel for Tango, I always have a sense of being at home even if I don't speak the local language.
Unknown said…
I think it's about the music for me. It somehow taps into my soul and evokes all these indescribable emotions. It brings me back to a time and place long ago that I've never been to physically, but somehow feels like I was there. No matter how frustrated I get with the dance, the music always draws me back in. This is the reason why I'll never thoroughly enjoy alternative tango music.

As for the dance, I've only been dancing for nine months, so I still tend to analyze the basics too much on the dance floor instead of just letting go and enjoying the connection. I long for the day when it all just comes naturally to me.

And as for the people, I enjoy meeting so many people from all walks of life! As much as some of us complain about the cliquishness (including me) it's a great feeling to belong to a community of such interesting characters: scientists, artists, nomads, etc....so many stories and personalities coming together to enjoy this beautiful dance we love.
For me it's definitely the connection -- the non-verbal communication that somehow feels so much more substantive than the words we use everyday.
Pantina said…
For me it's the sense of community. I've been bruised and battered by some parts of the tango community but in my cluster of friends I am welcomed and accepted.

I also fell in love with milonga. I love it. I can be in the middle of a terrible night and I'll hear oro y plata or Toca Tango and I immediately get perky and smiley.

Finally, every now and again, I experience a tandda that completely and totally overwhelms me (in a good way). I love it when a connection 'clicks' and I feel my partner and he feels me. The moments are few and far between but when they happen they are magical.

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