New take on a tango shoe

Last night I attended the official opening of an exhibition by tanguera and artist Ursula Kolbe at the Charles Hewitt gallery in Sydney. "When I remember you, beloved tango" is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures inspired by Ursula's love affair with tango over the past few years. If you expect paintings of couples dancing in the half-light of the milongas in Buenos Aires you will be surprised. These paintings are mysterious, reflecting the moods of tango, the words of tango songs and the feelings of this tango artist.
Taking tango shoes, much loved by local tangueras, but no longer worn, Ursula has brought her unique artistic skills to this new medium, provoking emotions that are, in some cases, quite confronting.
If you are in Sydney between now and 15th September do take the time to visit this exhibition - it will have you thinking about your tango experiences.
Charles Hewitt is at 335 South Dowling Street, Darling hurst. Hours are Mon-Sat. 10am to 6 pm.


Shayne said…
This sounds fascinating. I'll have to get along to it.

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