10 (11) Top milongas

I love dancing milonga... do you? I had enormous trouble finding 10 - as I love so many of them, so please forgive the omission of 'Ella es asi' - Donato, 'el esquinazo' - Di Sarli and 'La punalada' - D'Arienzo - among the more popular ones. A few months ago I had a conversation with a newish dancer who said he thought he had most of the milongas at 50! I said there were a few more and would he like a list? So when he said yes the next week I gave him a list of all the milongas in my music library(243) and said there were a few more than 50, but he wasn't pleased - now he doesn't speak to me! Oh the egos in tango!
If you have a favourite not on the list please add it below - I know I still have many more to collect! and it is great to know what people love to dance to


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