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Each month we put out a newsletter about tango events and news from around Australia. One of the highlights this month is a fantastic Tango Show that is coming to Sydney for one night only at the City Recital Hall. If you rely on word of mouth to get your news you can miss out...the latest newsletter will be online in a couple of days, subscribers got theirs tonight.
I hope you'll sign up for the next one!


Shayne said…
Hi Angelina Tangorina!

How's it going? We must catch up - October is good for me. Did you see the episode of The Great Outdoors that was themed around dance? One of the reporters covered tango in Buenos Aires. I would soooo love to go there. Maybe with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mid-life crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry said…

I'd love to sign up for the newsletter. I want to make sure we have all of your events :D
Hi Henry,
Just go to the TangoAustralia website - and Go to box on right hand side that says Tango Australia Newsletter and subscribe. Simple!

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