TangoOz - quite wonderful

On Saturday at twilight we set off for Sydney's Conservatorium of Music, crossing the harbour in one of our quaint old ferries and making our way to the top of the hill where the Con. commands a corner of the Botanic Gardens. Our purpose was to listen to TangoOz, initiative of the Sydney Youth Orchestra, led by Maggie Ferguson. We were very sad to miss the orchestra when they played in July under the baton of Ignacio Varchausky and were determined not to miss them this time. They only played five pieces, but each very different. Beginning with Carlos di Sarli's 'Organito de la Tarde' which they played more in the style of di Sarli's 1940s arrangements, they followed with Redencion, a work of Alfredo Gobbi's, then one I didn't know 'Absurdo' with superb vocals from a young tenor, Camilo Lascano. Two tango favourites followed - 'Gallo Ciego' composed by Agustin Bardi and a raw 'La Yumba' one of Pugliese's most well-known. We loved it. And we loved the orchestras that followed as well. Having spent many hours at concerts and performances as our children played at Eisteddfods and school concerts throughout their school years we have heard both ends of the spectrum of youthful musicianship - this was a treat! The Camerata, an orchestra of 7-12 year-olds excelled at excerpts of Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker Suite'.
It was an excellent musical treat and we were sorry that we were not able to head out to Sydney's Olympic Park the following day to listen and dance to Fuego Blanco - a group who train with TangoOz. Next time!


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