El Firulete - a great read for serious tangueros

The internet seems infinite, just when you think you've found most of them a another great site turns up. Today I discovered El Firulete. Stories are good, well-researched and well-written - and interesting! I found an interview with Gabriela Elia, one of the judges with the Salon section of the recent Tango championship in BsAs very interesting ... for example "This year only young couples reached the finals. That’s wonderful, but they all danced the same way. It is not their fault, it is the style that is being awarded." ..."We should have been 10 feet from the dancers, and not to 60 feet. The salon tango is a reflection of the milonga, and as such it has to be appreciated form a close distance"..."There were too many people in each round, 11 couples dancing three tangos is too much".
And Tango Notation for Step collection...
"Unfortunately the good teaching of tango is underrated. It has to compete with the urge for instant gratification: to run before crawling, and also with the eye candy temptations that sexy and voluptuous bodies provoke when dancing a choreography for the pleasure of an audience."
Anyone who knows anything about choreography will find this review interesting.. those who think tango shouldn't be choreographed should probably also read it because it explains why this is important for the preservation of tango's history.
So when you feel like a bit of serious tango reading - check out this blog.


Planet Tango said…
We're truly humbled by your endorsement and thank you for your kindness. Suddenly we have the urge to dance down under. ;-)
Delighted - I enjoy reading it. And we would love to welcome you down under so if you should decide to come please let me know - I will spread the word.

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