Tango's Violin - one chance only

There's a show on this Saturday night at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place (which has some of the best acoustics in town) called 'Tango's Violin'. Not your usual story about the history of tango, this show features tango stars, Fabio Robles and Ana Andre together with Melbourne tango orquesta, red dash black and violinist Sophie Kesoglidis in a story about thwarted love.
An opportunity to be entertained and enjoy tango before heading off to a milonga (as I am told the show finishes in time).
You can find out more and book on the CRH website.


Shayne said…
Hi Angelina,
I am back from the Red Centre. Saturday night sounds like fun. I've been to the recital centre and it is one of Sydney's best kept secrets.

Have a good night and let's get together soon.

Love from a non-tango fan of your blog

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