What a night !!- Sydney's Milonga Para Los Ninos

Wow! Sydney turned out in force for the Milonga Para Los Ninos last night at the Marrickville Hard Court Tennis Club and the vibe was warm, friendly and fun! (For those new to this blog, or not following! this is a fundraising milonga held once a year in cities around Australia - and now north America! - to raise money for homeless children in Argentina).
I arrived early as I had volunteered my services as a member of the Tango Synergy Club, and even though it didn't start officially until 8pm there were already 2 or 3 tables of eager dancers and a few on the floor.
The room, which is normally a rather drab club room probably designed and built sometime between the 2 world wars, was brought to life with huge swathes of gold muslin hanging from the central mirror ball, gold table cloths and the most superb gold orchids in dangerously tall and beautiful glass vases which were a fantastic finishing touch. DJ Jean Weiner was already pumping out the music and had put a playlist on every table - something I wish more DJs would do as by the time one gets to asking a DJ what a piece the moment is forgotten.
An auction was part of the fundraising and goods were displayed at the door - beautiful necklaces of pearls and semi-precious stones, tango dresses and wraps, paintings, tango classes and more.
It was an evening of highlights. Those who just wanted to dance were disappointed, but it was a tango fundraiser! We were treated to
  • 2 brackets from Tango Bar, a newly formed band (I think) of musicians who have been playing round Sydney for some time. And they played with tango passion!

  • a group dance from the teachers present - and a few ring-ins!

  • a talk by founder John Lowrey and then a superb performance by John and his wife Cheryl

  • a comedy performance by 2 consummate tango performers - Chris Condon and Pedro Alvarez, followed by a delightful dance by Pedro's 7-year-old daughter!

  • a live auction, ably managed by Chris and entertaining - which is more than can be said for many fundraising auctions (as a veteran of school fundraisers I speak from experience)

  • a great spread for supper - which was demolished by the famished dancers!

  • and some fun taxi dancing.

The night was a huge success and it was announced that we had raised at least $8,500 - we were aiming to double Melbourne's $5,500! (nothing to do with Sydney/Melbourne rivalry of course).
The only fly in the ointment for me! and it really is a very small fly - was the teachers and a couple of latecomers who came to the event without paying! It was a charity night after all!!
(pictures are coming I hope!)


Unknown said…
I have heard of negative reports about it being all about charity. Maybe people expect too much tango?
Funny that - it was all about charity! Those who expected just another milonga were not really thinking about what they were coming to I guess.

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