Performances at Milongas

As we come up to Christmas many of the milonga organisers are planning special performances and some live music to celebrate the end of the tango year. When I first came to tango I loved performances. I enjoyed watching my teachers and the teacher I had at the time, a young South American, was - and is - a really charismatic dancer. His performances nearly always sent a tingle down my spine. He was also a good milonga host (when he put his mind to it) and his milongas were fun.
But over the years I have sat through some very second rate, drawn out performances. Children playing the violin! cabaret performances and singers who don't know when to stop... and so I am always careful about a milonga that advertises a performance. I should add that I have also enjoyed some outstanding performances by first class musicians and singers as well as dancers. Sometimes however you can get caught out and find yourself sitting through performance after performance at this time of year when you would rather be dancing - or enjoying the company of your friends.
What do you think? I'd love to know... so I've added a poll - but a comment would be even better.
P.S. Sorry I've been off air for a week or so, computer connection problems this time.


Arlene said…
As long as they don't charge extra and have a lovely Xmas party with good food or nibbles, I can bear it!
Enjoy the holidays. I am going swimming with the fishes!
Sadly they do charge extra at Christmas time. Understandable if they have live music - or a supper but not otherwise.

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