Santa comes to Tango

I've been to 2 Christmas milongas in the last week where presents were handed out to everyone... well almost everyone. At the first milonga which was Tango Embrace at Avalon's RSL everyone got a present! Quite an amazing feat on the part of the organisers Margarita and Guy and a very sweet thought. At the second, last night organised by Sydney's Tango Club, everyone was asked to bring a present worth $10 and mark it for a man or a woman. Well of course not everyone did - there are always those who don't participate for reasons often unfathomable, and even though the organisers chipped in with a few extras not everyone got a present, but it was good fun. This is a first for me in all the years (8) that I have been in the tango scene...a very nice gesture!
Also for the first time in years there is a gap of 3 nights before another milonga - which is the Milonga de Mis Amores for Boxing Day. I have planned a night of pure tango, mostly from the Golden Age, and included a few requests - plus a light supper... hope to see you there if you are in Sydney. A recent report in Choice magazine's Health Reader cited research that has found taking a brisk walk after a meal was beneficial - I'm sure dancing after Christmas dinner must have similar benefits!!
On that note I would like to wish you all Peace, Happiness and Good Health at this time of Festive celebrations and holidays...and plenty of tango in the New Year
[which sadly Sydney will not be celebrating with a milonga unless someone comes up with a venue at the last minute... any ideas?]


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