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What women want at a milonga - My New Year Wishes

As end of year festivities wind down and most of the milongas fill up again, I have sat with a few women chatting about milongas, milonga etiquette and tangueros. Why? Because at the last 2 milongas there were many more women than men - i.e. 10-15! too many, which is a pity as some women will leave the scene if the men don't come back - or if the men who are there don't dance with more than just their regular partner. These conversations have led to putting together a few New Year's Wishes on milonga etiquette. More men would to take advantage of uneven numbers As someone with a partner I feel privileged. I am especially privileged because my partner actually looks around the room and dances with women he notices have not had any dances, or have not danced for a while. Though it means that I miss out it also means that others don't. Of course some men are simply not aware of the problem - or are unable to see the opportunity. More teachers to dance with their own