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Three new tango schools in Sydney - all run by women

The tale of the origins of tango in Sydney is different depending on who you talk to, but when I first decided that I would like to find out more, I could only find one school. Advertised in Friday's Metro in the SMH it was run by an excellent teacher and dancer, who was living temporarily in Sydney. I later discovered that there was an Argentinian teacher who also taught - and that there was a milonga in Glebe that was established in 1999. However for me the only milonga was once a month, on a Tuesday, in a club beside Sydney Harbour, that is no longer. If you are a beginner on the tango scene you will be forgiven for being confused. It seems that tango schools are flourishing at the moment and some are run by the same people! If you go to the links page of TangoAustralia you will find 22 entries - take away the schools outside Sydney, a community website and the tango club and you have 17 schools! Add to that at least 3 schools that don't have websites and it's back to

Putting together playlists for milongas

Are DJs performers? I certainly feel like one when I am putting together a playlist for a milonga. I start from scratch everytime and try to build a list that I hope will have something in it for everyone and have most people on the floor most of the night. Tall order I have found, but I have had some really flattering comments about my music so I know I am getting it right some of the time. I was really pleased with last Saturday's Milonga de Mis Amores at Gladesville. Friendly crowd, 4 tango school organisers attended and the venue once again didn't let us down. (As you can gather I have been let down by venues in the past and it is the bane of the Sydney milonga organisers trying to find good, reliable venues). And the music was appreciated. It has taken some time to build up what I feel it a good basic tango music library - however as a one-time acquisitions librarian I know that one never stops acquiring and building a library or it becomes stale . I've recently been c