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Improvising and dancing tango

Some of us are better than improvising than others - I remember when I learnt a musical instrument - back in the days when everything was done to a syllabus, how difficult it was to improvise. Tango takes practise - as we all know and some find improvising very difficult. Check out this piece from Bob on Tango Salon Adelaide's blog for some good advice on how to start.

Tango - world heritage status

Not sure what I think about this, but thought you would be interested to know that Uruguay and Argentina are apparently lobbying UNESCO to grant tango world heritage status. In an effort to formalise some aspects ''There are certain original elements that need to be preserved." is a statement attributed to Uruguay's Director of Culture in this newspaper story they have presented their case. Read this report in CBC News online. We will have to wait until September to find out if they are successful - and what the implications are, if any.