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Dancing tango staves off dementia

Just finished listening to a fascinating interview with Margaret Throsby on ABC radio on dementia and Alzheimers (my father is slowly slipping away so it is very interesting to me). [For those who don't know this morning interview on ABC classic FM combines the interviewee's choice of music - usually about 5 pieces - with the interview about their work or lives.] The interviewee was Dr. Michael Valenzuela, a Chilean doctor of Psychiatry from the University of NSW. All his music choices were superb - including Inti Illimani and Gotan Project. When asked what we could do to keep our brains active and reduce the risk of contracting dementia ourselves, Dr. Valenzuela said 'dance'. As he pointed out dancing requires one to to think about using one's body, to co-ordinate the body with the brain and to remember how to move - all very important in staving off this disease. This is fascinating so we may just follow it up with a story on Tangoaustralia.