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Facebook questions

TangoAustralia has a Facebook group, but yesterday I was made to think about Facebook when a friend said - "when you load photos on FB they own the copyright"! They do? My understanding of copyright and photographers, from my time as a magazine editor here in Oz, is that the photographer holds the copyright of his/her work unless he/she actually assigns it, in writing, to someone else. So I did a little internet research and found some slightly confusing stuff... ' Facebook users force 'copyright' plan U-turn' said an article in The Australian . Apparently the concern was very real as their new terms (and by the way they can change the terms anytime they like without telling you) allowed them to use photos, messages and any other content in marketing or to sell to advertisers!! However this does not say that they cannot use your stuff for other things - like making money. I also found a blog by legalAndrew called 'Facebook isn't private and 7 other

Dashing away to tango

Just about to go to the new Tuesday milonga held by Sydney's dynamic tango club, Tango Synergy at Leichhardt - tonight it's in the forum. And it is a beautiful night so am really looking forward to this open air tango. This milonga has swapped with Patio de Tango's Tuesday milonga - and they have moved to Wednesday and new location - this will confuse visitors and those who don't keep up with the news! but they'll soon get the hang of it. What they won't get the hang of and I still find difficulty with is the arrogance that sometimes creates a bad vibe at a milonga. What gives some folk the right to sit in judgement on other dancers - and to look like they are doing it? It spoilt a milonga I was at recently - at least in the Forum there won't be this opportunity.