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Australian Tango Championships 2009

It had to happen sooner or later - the Australian Tango Championships return. I only know because I checked my Facebook page and found the announcement. As one who was very closely involved with the first 3 of the Championships I will watch with interest. I do most sincerely hope that this time they are a truly national event. Sydney has a bigger tango community than any other city but this is not a good reason for holding the championships here every time - in fact the venue situation in Sydney makes it a challenge. We used the Sydney Opera House for the first 3 and with the last event our ambitions got the better of us when we used the Concert Hall. Not that it wasn't a successful event in the eyes of those who watched and those who had the unique experience of dancing on the stage of our harbourside icon, it was. For those of us who were closely involved it was not a satisfactory experience. Do we need the Championships? Are our dancers good enough? Should teachers be involved