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Tango on Youtube

Since the birth of the TangoAustralia website I have learnt a great deal about the culture of tango, tango history and tango music - and one of the sources has been Youtube. I am also a student of history so you can imagine how excited I was to discover film clips of the orchestras such as Juan D'Arienzo's playing such classics as 'El Choclo' and Louis Armstrong singing 'Kiss of Fire' (aka El Choclo) or Edgardo Donato's orchestra playing ''Se Va Las Vida". Now they are gone. Apparently the person who uploaded these gems onto Youtube committed some kind of misdeamenour. Of course I understand about copyright, but I naievely thought these were safe as I also watch Youtube video clips from the Australian War Memorial and the National Library for other projects... If anyone knows where one can watch old film clips of these wonderful orchestras, apart of Youtube (where they are no longer) then please let me know

A Tango Fairy Tale

As we have a Tango Festival coming up in New Zealand - and Australia - I think many will find this posting from Pantina very interesting. Many Aussies have a Sex-in-the-City image of New York (even those of us who've been there) so we won't be surprised to find that, like Sydney and many other tango towns, there is an IT (I'm Terrific at Tango /I'm a Tango Teacher) crowd who look down their noses at those they do not consider worthy of their patronage. Pantina's story is delightful - and what a plug for the tango scene in San Francisco.

Tango bits and pieces

We published our April Tango News on the tangoaustralia website on the weekend. Sometimes getting news about tango events out of the organisers is as rewarding as finding your favourite milonga has closed down - but we persevere. Guess that's the journalist in our make-up. Melburnians are generally the worst - is it the Melbourne/Sydney rivalry ? or are they generally not aware that any publicity is good publicity. We have a fantastic section on TangoAustralia set up one of our early tireless workers, known as Milonga Profiles. A free listing of your milonga with a photo, contact details, how to get there info... and only one Melbourne milonga thinks it is worthwhile sending us a photo! I grew up in the city of Aussie Rules and I still don't understand. Brisbane is a different matter.- We are hoping to hear more news on the Tango Championship - and will certainly post that when it comes to hand for those who are interested. I have done a bit of an about face on the Champio