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Newcomer's guide to tango in Buenos Aires

At last I will be visiting Argentina again. It is so long since I have been that I am expecting big changes and it will be exciting to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. When I last visited it reminded me of Italy in the 1970s when as a young, impressionable backpacker I fell immediately in love with its crumbling architecture, the romantic language, the history - and the food. For Argentina substitute tango for food! So I have decided to put together a 'Newcomers Guide to Tango in Buenos Aires' - for Australians. There are stacks of tips on the internet and in blogs of course and I am talking to everyone I can who has visited BsAs in the last 12 months... If you have been recently and have a few moments I'd love to know if you have: tips about pitfalls - just read about Scott's experience with a fake SIM card at a newspaper kiosk on his Tango Trails blog - but I am sure there are many others suggestions on great places to eat - and your favourite dish