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Tango 'judges'

Sometimes at a milonga there are some bad vibes - and I am not the only one to notice them I discovered recently. A friend remarked to me that she didn't usually come to a particular milonga because she felt it had bad vibes. The other night I was at a milonga where the vibes were not good. Was it because one couple was clearly sitting on the edge of the dance floor and making remarks to each other about the dancers on the floor? or was it because two couples were doing it - one sitting further away? One is enough I think. I dance tango because I love the music, I love the dance and enjoy the company of my tango friends. I don't pretend that my standard is anything other than average intermediate. I don't have time to devote to technique to raise myself to another level - and I know enough about to dance to know that I probably need to learn other forms of dance and do regular pilates in order to really know my body better. It makes me uncomfortable when I see this happeni

Barbara Luna in Oz and more tango news

I first heard Barbara Luna at WOMADelaide in 2001. This is an amazing music festival held by the river in Adelaide, in those days bi-annually, but now annually. Usually the days are incredibly dry and hot and the nights are freezing and just as dry, but the music pumps. With five stages to choose from you frequently find yourself torn between which acts to immerse yourself in and sometimes we will have blankets and chairs at more than one stage. I well remember this dynamic singer who as the press release says ‘captivated the audience’. Immersing yourself in the South American rhythmns of her music will have you smiling for days. Touring Australia to promote her new album ‘Ruta Tres” Barbara Luna is, bringing to a wider audience her unique mix of tango and salsa, Argentinian and European culture. Beginning at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival on Friday 5 June, where she will play three gigs, she moves onto Melbourne and Brisbane for one gig each on 9th and 11th June respectively, finishin