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A Milonga can be like a primary school playground

So said someone the other day! and I thought they've got a point. I go to quite a few of the milongas about town - not all of them as I am a dedicated yogi and have just taken up bellydancing! - and that's just the keeping physically active bit. I have noticed that some milongas are more like a playground than others... what did this friend mean by playground? She/he meant that there are little groups that don't play (tango) with other groups either because they are part of a group (tango school) or feel a certain allegiance to a certain person who is top of the class or a good sports person (tango teacher). There are others who don't join in (dance with others) because they are shy or new. And there are those who keep to a small group because they have been bullied or been the victim of a nasty remark or action. As with a playground where the teachers and those in charge can diffuse the situation, so in a milonga can the hosts diffuse or aggravate the situation. Some