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Tango Teacher and DJ reviews - new blog

A huge amount of work has gone into setting up this blog - Tango Teacher and DJ reviews ... and I would hate to moderate it! it is an ambitious project. If it gets off the ground I hope it will avoid the vitriole and self-righteousness that surfaces in some tango forums. Check it out.

Cabaceo - why and why not

The cabaceo is having a resurgence in Sydney at one or two milongas. For those who don't know what this is if you Google 'cabaceo' you will get 2 websites that offer explanations for this tango ritual. Taken from the Spanish cabeza (head) it describes a method of a man selecting the woman he would like to dance with by making eye contact, then when she reciprocates, moving his head to indicate he wants to dance with her. She can refuse by looking away. Said to have been initiated in the days when young women were chaperoned at milongas, and described as being the best way for men to ask women to dance in a crowded milonga, it is still used in some milongas in Buenos Aires. It can work both ways, according to the experts - a woman can do it too. Like everything the cabaceo has its place. In large, crowded milongas it is undoubtedly the best way for the best dancers to get together. It is also the best way for those who already know each other to get together. But for the n