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Cabaceo - comments from Facebook

This blog feeds into a Facebook page so I have taken the liberty of copying the comments on the cabaceo across for those who would like to read more about what people think... Frank. .. I think this is a good idea. I hope it catches on. I find it rude to interupt a conversation to ask for a dance. It may be that is dancers were a little more observant during the cortinas that everyone would dance more often... I know there are lots of guys who will just interupt a conversation but there may be others (like me) who will not. I think that, if you want to dance, conversations are while you sit through a tanda. You can still talk and let your eyes wander... Vince As long as the lights are on as they normally are in BsAs! Not these dark bear caves we seem to have in Oz Sophia One issue often mentioned against cabeceo is that people cant's see because of poor light or short sightedness etc. In BA the men don't always stay in one spot, they move around and position themselves closer