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How I could have spent some of the Ozlotto win on tango!

Just like everyone else (bar the two lucky ones) in Oz today life will go on as normal - without the $106 million that was the latest Oz Lotto prize. Of course just like everyone else who had fantasised about winning - i had a few priorities and one of them was tango. I would have bought a venue in Sydney where tango could be danced regularly until the late hours - Melbourne has them why don't we? I would have brought out some great tango musicians to play in the venue ...and I would spent a heap on shoes! and a lot more besides. Had I won even some of the $106 million - I would have had no trouble getting rid of a some of it on tango. I am quite awe-struck at the amount of money that is going into tango in Sydney at the moment - and at the number of people who appear to have no trouble finding the dollars to spend on it. The GFC does not seem to have hit many tango dancers - which is good news for the organisers. My tango budget is pretty tight and it means that I am often not a