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Swine flu and tango in Buenos Aires

Argentina has been severely affected by swine flu - known as Gripe A in BsAs. I am delighted that I have persuaded one of my regular correspondents in Argentina to write a report on how it is affecting the milongas - and the dancers in Buenos Aires.

Championship tango - to be or not to be

As the weekend of July 11 draws closer most of the chatter at milongas or gatherings of tango friends is about the Tango championship - are you dancing/going, or aren't you? and the community in Sydney seems to be divided - as our poll is showing. (If you haven't voted please do). And the conversations are buzzing with discussions about professional versus amateur I am wondering how many people have actually read the conditions of entry - and how many of those who are dancing in the salon section have declared themselves as professionals. A conversation I had last night (not at a tango event) with a dancer revealed that there are many Sydneysiders who had entered the salon section who according to the rules would be professionals not amateurs. The rules state that an amateur is : "Any social tango dancer, who has not derived income from teaching private tango lessons, group tango lessons (including workshops) or has not given paid performances. Please note, if it is lat