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What do you love about tango?

This morning one my sons popped in for a chat - and we talked about what makes you happy (we've had a rotten year - with the loss of 2 members of our family, sickness and financial woes so it seemed appropriate). Then I read Arlene's blog - Why People Leave Tango/Why People Love Tango... and it made me think that we (myself included) gripe about the tango scene, but we hang in there. Why? I stay because of music - then the dance!; the opportunity to do something with my partner that we both love; the friends I have made and the new ones I hope to make; the chance to get dressed up and wear beautiful shoes.... Why do you love tango?

New playlist for Gladesville milonga

Tonight I am starting on the playlist for the Gladesville milonga on Saturday . Methinks 45 minutes of canyengue may be too much for most dancers though this was the suggestion at the workshop I went to on the weekend. Since the teacher of this workshop is not coming to the milonga as far as I know, I will keep it to two tandas. Not sure I enjoy dancing canyengue yet. Naturally a tense person, I find I am holding myself in an awkward position - though I do enjoy the music. Just like all tango - it needs practice, practice, practice. - Love to have more comments on the championship too. Some people have told me what they think but haven't entered the debate! Pity because I think it really needs serious discussion.