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Will the tango scene come to life in the spring?

I hope so. The tango scene in Sydney has grown ten-fold since I first became involved in learning about the dance and the music - and it is great that most nights of the week there are at least 2 milongas to choose from, sometimes 3. It has been my experience as the owner of small businesses that competition, while it can be scarey, is vital if the industry is going to grow. Lately the scene has been a tad quiet. Whether it's winter, the GFC, tango politics, too many other demands on dancer's time - or a combination of all - spring may tell. The problem with quiet is that the milongas don't have the vibrancy one comes to need. Tonight I am going to one of Sydney's biggest, Patio de Tango's Camperdown milonga to meet up with two friends who have just returned from 3 weeks in the tango mecca and find out about classes, teachers and milongas in BsAs, new shoes - and their experiences this time - including a little goss about the Tango Festival just finished.