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Where have I been

So asked my friend Shayne of blog about romance writers and ocean swimming ...I wish I could say I've been to London to visit the Queen, but I've actually been dealing with the sudden death of both my computers! They went out in Sympathy with each other. One is back - well I have one new one, and a new desktop on the way. Just in time as I was busily working on music for the next Milonga de Mis Amores on Saturday October 24. I have just acquired a fantastic new Miguel Calo, a dreamy Demare, another Di Sarli (can't get enough of this orquesta or Canaro) and a Juan Caceres... just out of interest. But transferring itunes to a new computer is another ball game... so that is what I am doing now, and checking playlists. Thanks for asking Shayne, though I'm glad you missed me! Oh I did manage to fit in one night of dancing in the last week!