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Blue Tango Milonga - getting ready

I love organising milongas... and I put heaps of time and energy into it cos I only do one a month(well to be honest I love organising, but when it's something I enjoy it's even more fun). This weekend we are celebrating a year at a fantastic venue - Gladesville RSL, doesn't sound too glam but they have a great ball room which we have exclusive use of with it's own bar and an excellent restaurant in the next room. We feel very fortunate when so many venues have shut down so we are making the most of it. I have chosen Blue as the theme, simply because I love blue... and have found blue candles, blue lighting and had a blue tango cocktail created especially for the night. I'm hoping people will really enter into the spirit (not the alcohol) and dress in something blue (prizes will be awarded, including our usual free movie passes). And I've ordered a totally decadent Opera Cake from the local French patisserie - we will call it a Tango Cake of course- it is not b