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Great! Sydney Festival - but still no tango

Every year I hope that the organisers of the Sydney Festival will bring out a tango trio, quintet or band...every year nothing! I used to write to the organisers and ask them to consider tango but I have stopped. We have the wonderful Spiegeltent which has been the venue for tango in other cities, but not in Sydney. When you search the Festival website there is nothing for tango! Last year they suggested that it might be part of the dance party - but I didn't find it. Considering that tango shows in Sydney do well I can't be the only one who would love to have a tango band - not only would those of us who love to dance to the music be over-joyed, others would enjoy it too. I got hooked on tango when I heard a group playing at WOMADelaide in the late 1990s - but I think that is the last time a Festival has brought out a tango band. I'm so cheesed that I am not going to add a link to the Festival website, if you want to find out what is on you will have to do a Google searc