Milonga reviews

Last night was my second milonga for 2010 - the delightful Tango Encanto at Copacabana - this has to be one of the friendliest milongas in town... one tanguero even commented on how much he liked my 10 tips posting!
Sadly Sydney did not have a NYE milonga!
Tango Cherie's latest post mentions a new book from El Tanguata magazine called Veneno de Tango (Tango Venom) which is a compilation of short stories and review of milongas in BA... sounds fascinating.
So I am thinking Milonga Reviews... Now I am a sometime reader of Tango-L (sometimes I just can't be bothered reading through all the nasty or know-it-all postings). However side-stepping the current debate about taking a backward step that seems to have been going on for days, recent postings have included reviews of milongas in BA, which makes me wonder if you would like to read - or write - milonga reviews? Writing a review can be as simple as describing the venue, but since as one of the Tango-L posters wrote "the driving force [behind milonga attendance] is the search for one's peer group" I think we need a bit more. The self-appointed reviewer on Tango-L describes the dancers and their style, but that assumes a knowledge that few have... Let me know what you think - or if you would be interested. TangoAustralia's aim is to have a Milonga Profile on all the Australian milongas - and I think we've got most of them. However keeping them up to date needs more input. Love to hear from you. If you don't want to post here - email me -


Shayne said…
I think this is a great idea and it means readers of the blog are having some input.
Well that was a waste of space! Apparently only 2 people who read this blog are interested in milonga reviews... seems they are not the way to go. Apparently FaceBook is where you find the info, according to a recent blog on KnowTango

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