Osvaldo Zotto dies at 46

I have just spent the afternoon doing some research on Osvaldo Zotto, one of the most beautiful and charming tango dancers, who passed away suddenly in Buenos Aires on 8th January. I found it difficult to find information on Osvaldo, the younger of the two famous Zotto brothers, and even reviews of his performances were not easy to come by, yet he had an enormous following and his dancing was sublime. A few years ago my partner and I did workshops with Osvaldo, both in Buenos Aires and in Sydney and I am very pleased that we have a set of his advanced tango workshops with Lorena Ermocida on video... once again we will enjoy watching and learning from this amazing man and his interpretation of tango.
You can read the obituary on TangoAustralia and also check out Cherie's Tango Blog for a superb video of Zotto dancing solo. As well as a performance by Tete Rusconi, a much loved milonguero.


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