Swooping and stomping at milongas

Last night was the big milonga at the Concord RSL in Sydney. Since it first began, when a crowd of 30 or 40 was considered acceptable, this milonga has grown into a Big Night Out with live music and dancers you rarely see elsewhere.
A crowded floor (for Sydney)is not the place for tango egos, but it seems that we will always have to watch displays of tango 'prowess' at the expense of other dancers and last night was no exception. Sydney has a number of male dancers who consider swooping into the spaces left by the more sedate, and considerate dancers, to be essential to their image - and swoop they do. Into a gap and then back out again without a thought for anyone else. This behaviour makes following line of dance very difficult for all and it is not uncommon to find oneself dancing on the spot while your partner waits for the swooper to move on.
Frequently their partners will kick backwards, a hazard at any time, or worse step onto the instep of an unsuspecting foot. Sadly this too happened last night to one of the women who was sitting at a table near me and it ended her dancing for the night - and possibly for a few nights to come.
Perhaps we need a campaign like the one aimed at convincing young drivers that they are not as big as they think they are???


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