Tango and Peru

Dance in Buenos Aires... dream in the Andes!
We're going to Buenos Aires in April at last!
We tried to go last year but it was not meant to be - our families needed us. So we've booked again - and we're taking a group. Seems a pity to go all that way and not see more of the amazing South American continent so we are going to Peru and maybe even the fjords of Chile! It's great having a travel agent on hand as we can plan and know that everything will be fantastically well organised.
If you think you'd like to join us - check out the details on the TangoAustralia website - you need to book soon if you want the 4 free hotel nights!!


Shayne said…
You are so lucky! I wish I could come with you but, would you believe it, my former workplace has offered me more work this year (less stressful, I hope).

I wish you could too! It would be fun. We are planning more such trips in the future so you never know...

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