Tango DJs - to program or not to program playlists

At a recent milonga I had a conversation with a fellow tango DJ about playlists. This came about because this milonga has excellent music from tango's Golden Age. The DJ presents tango from the old Guard to Pugliese - most dancers know what to expect and the milonga is known for its generally excellent music. Our discussion was about whether the music sets the mood or the dancers. And we both agreed that it is the music that sets the mood - and that putting together a playlist on the fly can lead to all sorts of problems - such as playing too much of one orchestra and nothing of another. Or inadvertently playing waltz and milonga in one tanda - an experience that is not unknown. I have yet to go to a milonga where the DJ puts the music on to please the mood of the dancers - it has been my experience that this does not lead to a better selection of music - or happier dancers... have you found differently?
At Gladesville Milonga it is not possible to have the DJ watching the dance floor...


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