Belen Silva 's Australian debut

Last night was our Milonga de Mis Amores and for fun we had a Puttin on the Ritz theme with cortinas by the inimitable Fred Astaire, a few top hats, tails and lots of sparkle and glamour. The highlight of the night was the performance by Belen Silva, Sydney's newest dancer and the most exciting thing to happen to tango in this city for some time. Belen was trained in Buenos Aires and met her Australian fiance in Tokyo, where she was teaching, and they have moved to Sydney. Belen is getting to know the Sydney tango scene, so what better way to introduce her to local dancers but for her to do a performance?
We are delighted that she chose the Milonga de Mis Amores as the venue for her debut performance. Partnered by local dancer Sonny Huy, Belen performed three numbers - a tango, a waltz and a milonga. Here is a snippet of their performance to Milonga Criolla...
I for one can't wait to see her dance again - it was the most exciting local performance I have seen in years - and after being involved in the Tango Championships some years ago I have seen plenty!!
She is teaching private classes now in Sydney.


Shayne said…
Hi Angelina
It was wonderful to see such a beautiful dancer perform at your milonga on Saturday night. Now I understand why people fall in love with tango.

S xxxxxxxx

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