Dancing to keep young

I've just spent a weekend away from tango, visiting my aged parents who live some hours outside Sydney - and celebrating my father's 90th. When they were young my parents loved to dance, and I remember as a child watching open mouthed as my mother put the finishing touches to a ball dress she had sewn herself from one of the latest patterns. Then she and my father, usually dressed in his 'penguin suit', would set off for a ball. These memories make me feel a little sad as now my parents are very much in the latter stages of their lives and my dancing mother, needs help to get in and out of a car - no more dancing for her. It also reminds me of the article on TangoAustralia which points how dancing into your latter years keeps you active mentally as well as physically. So I will try to make up for the weekend I missed by dancing tango more this week - and hope that I can stave off my genetic inheritance.


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