Dani Tuero and Aja Fenn in Sydney

Last night at Sydney's Tango Encanto milonga in Bondi Junction, we were treated to a performance by Sydney's current visiting teachers - Dani Tuero and Aja Fen. Much loved by some of Sydney's tango dancers this couple will no doubt inspire and delight many of Sydney's tango dancers. I enjoyed their performances but it is not a style I aspire to, though I don't for one minute doubt that I could learn something from their workshops. When I first started to tango (and had more tango dollars to spend) I used to do all the workshops but these days I have to be more careful as there is so much to choose from. If you can afford it I believe that saturating yourself in tango in the first few years of dancing is the best way to go - so do take time to find out more about this duo (check out the TangoAustralia February Newsletter). Dani and Aja have just been to Byron Bay for a weekend tangofest and will travel west to Perth after Sydney.
And I have to take the opportunity to say that I still find the Tango Encanto milonga, one of the best and most enjoyable in Sydney. It has everything that go to make up a good milonga for me - great music, friendly welcoming hosts, good floor (sometimes a little sticky when it's humid, but not easy to avoid), and a crowd with a friendly vibe! What more could you ask?


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