Arriving in Buenos Aires

So here we are again - and here am I writing an online diary of the trip! We arrived in Buenos Aires today - crossing the International Date Line and arriving on the same day earlier than when we left Sydney! I always find this bamboozling - and my body clock is not coping as well with it this time as it did a couple of weeks ago when I went to L.A. perhaps because this time we arrived in the morning - in L.A. it was early evening.
A warm ,sunny, cloudless day - temperature around 30 degrees at midday. The city feels so much more prosperous than it did 7 years ago, just after the financial crisis, and the airport has been renovated and extended. Australians must now pay a $100US entry (reciprocity) tax - thus named because it is in retaliation for the Australian government charging Argentinians to enter Oz. We changed our US dollars to pesos at the airport at the National Bank which had the best exchange rate of 3.8 pesos and transferred to our hotel - the 725 Continental. Chosen by our travel agent, who works closely with South American suppliers, because it is right in the heart of the action and has a number of stars.
For most of us this is a return visit - I always have mixed feelings about returning to a place I have been before. I am pleased that I know what I am coming to, I have a feeling for the city and know a little about its layout - but I am disappointed because the excitement of arriving somewhere I have never been before is not there!
We wandered down Suipacha and found a good cafe - Los Immortales -where we had empanadas, pizza and coffee. It has a CD shop next door, so I grabbed a few to add my library, then we wandered back to the hotel to sleep.
Tomorrow we set off for El Calafate


Unknown said…
Ahh! How exciting! You really are quite the jet setter you know! I hope to travel to Sth America one day.. perhaps with you and Dad so that I can know and appreciate the city as much as you do...
Enjoy and dance your toes off! I will be following your journey. xx Mima
Shayne said…

Not really, but I thought that commment had impact.

I got bitten by ferocious fire ants yesterday - I think they're originally from South America - and my foot has swollen to the size of a large salami.

A put curse upon the rotten sods who brought them into Australia!

Have a great time, while I take antihistamines and wallow in self pity.

tangocherie said…
Looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a wonderful time in Calafayte--I've always wanted to go there.
Shayne - what can I say about the fire ants? hope you recover soon... and start saving so you can come to the home of the fire ants with us next time!

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