Flamingoes and a Glacial ice-field

We set off for Patagonia and El Calafate this morning beginning the day, as we did yesterday in an airport queue. This time is was Aeroparque in Buenos Aires and it seemed that half of BA was setting out on holiday by air - the queues stretched for metres and the check-in was ponderously slow.
El Calafate is 3 hours by plane from BA but due to the inefficiencies of the airport and the airline it took a couple of hours longer to arrive at our destination in Calafate, the Alto Calafate Patagonico.
The hotel is perched on a barren hill above the township of Calafate, a town which has quintupled its population in 7 years - and has around 22,000 residents, mostly it seems in the tourist trade. A very comfortable hotel it reminded me of some of the old style hotels where I have stayed in the snowfields.
We took the hotel bus into the township and after lunch (we're already getting a bit tired of ham and cheese!) we walked through the township to the glacial park in search of a flamingo. A few obliged - and we took their photo. El Calafate has an abundance of chocolate shops one of which waylaid us for a coffee. We obliged by accompanying the coffee with a chocolate - nice but not amazing. Tomorrow we embark on a cruise of the Perito Marino glacier.



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