Sydney better than Los Angeles.

Today I have spent about 5 hours in a car, in traffic, driving north to Malibu and back. It was an essential trip, not one for pleasure, and I went along for the drive. This is not the first time I have taken the drive - the last was around 14 years ago - so the scenery was not a surprise. But it was a reminder. A reminder of how beautiful our beaches are and how when you run a road right up against the sand in a desert landscape it is hot! even with air conditioning. Add to that the traffic jam - more like clog - and you find yourself making odious comparisons.
Earlier in the day I had checked out the L.A. milonga calendar. I may not have time to go dancing (though of course I packed my tango shoes) but I thought I would see what was on. I found a website called tangoinla and assume (as that is the assumption most would make) that it lists all the milongas. If it does I am surprised. Surprised that L.A. has a smaller tango scene than Sydney - Sydney has at least 2 every night and more most nights - and therefore only one milonga most nights. If I go dancing - I will post and let you know my impressions.


Shayne said…
Angie baby!

The grass is always greener on the other side, but when you get there and look back you realise there are different shades of green.

Hey, you can keep that one! It's garbage.

LA sounds yucky hot and icky hectic.

I'm surprised to read the milonga scene is so limited. Do you think that's because it's more Latin than South American, and that the Argentinian population might be relatively small in LA?

I hope the rest of the trip is fun. Steer clear of the freeway!


Hi to J.
tangocherie said…
Well I'm from L.A. and I love it and miss it so much.

Ok, not the tango though. There are a lot of milongas in L.A. but it's true, you do have to drive a lot to hit them all as they are spread out over the whole basin. But generally I don't like the style they dance--so not milonguero. L.A. is more of a salsa town--they don't dance for themselves or their partners but to impress the watchers. Nuevo and escenario are the preferred styles.

When I go to L.A. to visit my peeps, I always take my tango shoes just in case, but I never put them on.

Why should I when the dancing is so good here in BsAs?

P.S. see ya soon!
smw said…
the website for LA tango is, there's typically between 1-3 tangos on weekends and often 1 per night during the week. Also some of the farther out areas have milongas (orange county, santa barbara county) although they attract far fewer dancers.

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