Me Gusta El Calafate

Anyone who has ever watched the movie 'Titanic' thinks of icebergs as fierce-some - the first iceberg I saw was yesterday on Lake Argentino and it was a beautiful sky blue, in the shape of an anvil at one end - and it was awesome. Soon we would see bigger and more interesting icebergs - including a huge blockade at the mouth of the section of lake near the Uppsala Glacier which is no longer accessible by water. And we would wait and watch at the Spegazzini and Perito Moreno Glaciers for them to calve and send huge blocks of ice into the lake, but the first iceberg is still special!
Lake Argentino is a huge expanse of water and the glacial fields have only been on the tourist trail for about 10 years. We took the only boat that cruises the lake overnight and takes only a few passengers. It was the perfect way to explore the lake, to visit a number of glaciers, take a walk through the National Park in the late afternoon and watch as the curious Andean condors circled overhead - or the noisy red-crested Magellan Woodpeckers went about their business. We were wined and dined on board after the sunset and woken by the clunk of the anchors as we set off next morning for the Perito Moreno glacier. in themorning the wind was up and the boat bounced on its way through the Devil's Mouth and up to the most famous of the glaciers. We watch little calvings of the glacier and were served an excellent lunch - with Argentinian wines - and the glacier in front of the picture windows.
It was a great way to experience this wilderness and its icy giants and now we are back at the hotel in El Calafate - tomorrow brings more exploration of this barren land which is growing in attractiveness each day.


Shayne said…
WOW! You are so lucky and priveliged to witness this beautiful wilderness.

I am dying of jealousy. I'll have to make do with the 2 km swim at Mollymook (also a special place, but no glaciers to be found there - thank goodness).

Keep the posts coming. They're fantastic.

Yours truly,
Grumpy middle-aged woman XXXXXXXX

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