Perito Moreno Calafate's beauty

Friday was another crisp, sunny day what better way to spend it than to explore more of the Los Glacieres National Park. We organised* a car and a driver, Javier, and set off for the Perito Moreno Glacier by land. The drive is about 80 km from our hotel through the rugged often harsh alpine country, passing estancias, caracara (falcons) gorging on roadkill and arriving at the 'balconies' for a walk to the edge of this magnificent mountain of ice. Our aim was to walk from the glacier round to the tourist centre, a distance of just over a kilometre along the edge of the lake. It was a superb walk, interrupted by the occasional pause as we heard the pistol crack of the glacier, sometimes calving in the lake, sometimes deep within the glacier.
On the way back we stopped at La Usina for afternoon tea. An outdoor activity centre and tea house, it is set in beautiful grounds beside a bubbling mountain stream.
We spent the evening in the hotel, having decided that the food there was better than the meal we had the evening before at the local 'top' restaurant, La Tablita.
* Why organise a car and a driver? It was only 50 pesos more than hiring and we didn't have to worry about following road rules or maps and could just enjoy the day. So good when you have someone who can organise these things atg the drop of a hat ( shameless promotion for travel agent!)


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