San Telmo Markets and milonga Club Gricel

The weather in Buenos Aires just keeps coming up warm and sunny and Sunday was no exception. After a late start we headed off to the San Telmo markets passing the Pink Palace - place of famous balcony where Evita addressed the crowd. (We 'forgot' it was open to the public only on Sundays and passed by... if you get a chance don't miss it!).
Markets are big business around the world these days and if like me you occasionally visit one of those in your home town you will be used to seeing many stalls selling the same stuff. Same here. Table after table selling the same tango souvenirs, scarves, useless knicknacks, hats and much more...
We found a great little restaurant - Brasserie Petanque - and stopped for a plate of Canard de Confit (what else in the middle of the day? it was delicious). Then after buy a picture we took a side street and before long found ourselves at the Museum of the Tunnels. Fascinating piece of Buenos Aires' history that the authorities seem to know little about having discovered this network of tunnels probably built 200 years earlier under the city, in the 1840s.
We walked too much to dance that night, so had coffee with El Kangaru and went to bed!
Monday it was Spanish lesson... I'm getting there, but it will take the rest of my life I think to be able to hold a conversation with the man or woman in the street! Still I continue to work on it - and have made resolution to continue conversation when I return home.
In the afternoon took a trip out to Palermo then a nap! Enjoyed Al Carbon in Reconquista so much last time that 3 of us headed off there for a superb meal of steak, lamb, risotto and a delicately light and delicious lemon foam with raspberry coulis - all washed down with a Malbec...and a free glass of champers! The taxi driver knew Club Gricel - which was quite a hike - and we arrived about 10. The joint was jumping - we found our new friend, and our old - and a table. It is great returning to these milongas after almost 7 years absence. This one is in another superb venue with a great floor, though it was very crowded. Just by chance a Sydney milonguero who moved overseas 4 years ago passed our table - and it was wonderful to catch up, dance again and reconnect. Home after midnight - I just can't stay up till 4 am! I need to fill my days as well as my night - and today Tuesday is our last full day in BA this trip!


Shayne said…
Hi Angelina,
I'm a bit worried about all those Nanna naps you're slipping in during the day. Isn't the coffee in Buenos Aires strong enough?

Your holiday sounds utterly delicious - in every way.

Hope to see you back in boring old Sydney in a couple of days.


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