Tango shoes, tango CDs, shopping, shopping, shopping ... in BA

Just in case you didn't read the headline! today we shopped. Part of the options with the package we are on is that we have a guide and a driver for one day's shopping = what a way to go. A local who really knows their way around this great, big city - and a driver who drops you off where you want to shop and picks you up when you've finished. Shades of Julie Roberts shopping with Richard Gere in 'Pretty Woman'.
First stop was shoe shops in BA. Check the links on TangoAustralia = at over 8,000 visits it is our most popular page - and you will find some of them...
We are very close to Suipacha so we skipped those as we can walk to them and they are not what we wanted anyway and headed to Tango Brujo, then NeoTango, Tango Leike and Comme Il Faut. Our other mission was to buy Tango CDs. As a tango DJ I need to keep my collection fresh and there were a number of titles I was looking for... so we visited the Source (not its name but it is a producer of many of the great CDs), Atenio Grand Splendid in Sante Fe in(worth going just for a coffee as the shop is in an old and very beautiful theatre) and Zivals (because it is also Tangostore.com). We also checked out leather shops on Sante Fe - all in all we totally indulged our shopping Needs... and got what we wanted.
I am now the proud owner of 4 new pairs of Tango Shoes and at least a dozen excellent new CDs at what to us are bargain prices (around $5 Aus! each)
It was a long day and it wasn't over!
In the evening our tour included a tango show - tonight it was La Ventana. I have been to at least 5 Tango Shows in BA and for me the highlight is always the musicians. For the last Tango Championships at the Opera House in Sydney we brought out musicians from Buenos Aires - led by Daniel Ruggiero. They were world class and some of them were playing at La Ventana at the time. The standard is high - and so I found myself looking past the fast moving legs of the dancers to the musicians pumping out D'Arienzo classics and finishing with La Cumparsita. These shows come with a meal and the food was good. It was a great night out - our day finished at midnight - as our driver dropped us at the hotel door.
Tomorrow a new adventure - as we explore another option in Buenos Aires.


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