Two days in Buenos Aires

Sunday dawned as another bright and sunny Buenos Day with a morning temperature of 10 degrees. Our plans for the day were a tour of the city for those who hadn't been before - and those who hadn't been for quite a while. We started in the Plaza de Mayo, the main square in the city which is surrounded by beautiful buildings that are part of the city's heritage, including the famous pink palace - the President's palace - where Evita greeted the crowd from the balcony. Our tour took us to La Boca (now a real tourist spot with its unique corrugated iron brightly coloured buildings), Recoleta, Palermo and Puerto Madero (the port) - before we finished at a special restaurant for lunch. The lunch took most of the afternoon - and by the time we returned to our hotel at 5 we were all ready for a quiet evening.
Come Monday we once again set off in the crisp early morning this time for the studio of Andrea Uchitel for 3 hours of tango classes. We took the Subte line A and travelled on the old wooden trains to Primera Junta, a barrio to the west of the city. This line is the oldest underground railway in South America, opening in 1913. Glorious old wooden trains, a little the worse for wear, with windows down, packed with commuters and inquisitive tourists like ourselves, pull into the old tiled stations.
Our lesson with Andrea was excellent and we all came away feeling we had learnt a great deal about our bodies as they dance, and our feelings for the dance - we did not come away with steps, which pleased us all as none of us feels that steps are what improving is all about.
The afternoon we spent 'at leisure' - and now we are off to eat Chinese in Recoleta - will let you know how it is!
Update on Chinese Restaurant... This was a foodie's trip back in time. The food reminded us all of Chinese restaurants in the 60s in Australia. Heavy on sauces, low on vegetables - but on the plus side it was run by Chinese who spoke as little Spanish as they did English - fortunately we had a Cantonese speaker in our party. We enjoyed the meal of pepper beef, hot and sour soup, crispy fried fish, chicken with chilli and stir fried mushrooms and greens, it is simply that in Australia we are so spoiled for good Chinese and anyone who has eated at Golden Century, East Oceans, Marigolds - or any of the other excellent Chinese eateries in Sydney would feel the same. An interesting experience and - I love to investigate food options when I travel.


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